Keep Sniffing

At BIXBI, we’re the pet supply company for good humans—you know, the ones who know enough to make sure they know what’s going into their dog’s food and treats. And when those good humans look at what’s in our stuff, they see nothing but good stuff. Like USA-sourced ingredients. Real meat from real animals and vitamins and minerals that have a real impact on your dog’s health.

Dogs love to poke their noses into all of the world’s nooks and crannies, trying to sniff out its secrets. And we think humans should stay curious too, especially when it comes to sniffing out the kind of things that keep their dog happy and healthy. Most pet food companies don’t like you sniffing around, because they know that you’ll find ingredients in their treats that do more for the company’s bottom line than they do for your dog’s wellbeing. But we’ve found that it’s easy to be transparent when you’ve got nothing to hide. So by all means, keep sniffing. We’ve found that good humans usually do.